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Free Ccleaner Download for pc mac windows Full Version Antivirus

Download ccleaner free for pc mac windows Antivirus – ccleaner full version software download. ccleaner is the best free antivirus of 2020 to protect your pc from threats and virus

Ccleaner for PC Mac Android Full version 2020 Latest

Ccleaner for PC Mac Android Full version 2020 Latest

Ccleaner Internet Security 2020 antivirus software provides antivirus protection that protects against viruses, trojans, adware, phishing emails, keyloggers and other threats from the Internet. In our virus scanner ranking , the antivirus program has been at the top for 2 years. The 2020 version has improved some features. Especially in terms of privacy, the program has neatly refilled. New features include tracking protection (for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) and supervised microphone access. With a broad set of features and numerous detail enhancements, Ccleaner Internet Security is a worry-free package for end users looking to protect their computers against digital threats. Easy to use, the Ccleaner Labs software is suitable for beginners as well. The Internet Security sets a milestone in the protection against threats from the Web.


Ccleaner For PC Installation and setup

The installation takes a little longer (~ 5 minutes) than you know it from other virus scanners. Before the entire program data is copied to the hard drive, a quick scan will scan your computer for pests, providing a clean computer system right from the start. After completing the software installation, the software is immediately usable and well pre configured. No restart is necessary. By default, the Autopilot mode is active. A protection mode that takes care of the most important security decisions without annoying demands. Computer-inexperienced users only have to install the software, run it in the background, and never intervene again. Experienced computer users who want to make individual security settings can, of course, deactivate the Autopilot at any time.

Ccleaner For Pc

Ccleaner for MAC User interface

Ccleaner has completely redesigned the user interface in recent years. The program now comes with a bright user interface. The user-friendly interface now appeals to both experienced and inexperienced users. At the top of the user interface, you always see the current protection status. A green check mark means that your computer is protected optimally, yellow indicates a security problem, and red means that you should immediately fix a security issue. The user-friendly interface of Ccleaner Internet Security 2020 The middle section of the main window lists important program functions (Quick Scan, Vulnerability Scan, App Protection, and Internet Protection). You can click on the left navigation bar through a variety of other functions (data safe, parental control , firewall , wallet, password manager, webcam protection, data encryption, Safepay , settings, etc.). Via the menu item Notifications go to a list listing all security events. As soon as there are notifications, you will be notified immediately – via the main window. Important events include: Insecure passwords, Windows security updates or critical security vulnerabilities. You will also see outdated applications, hardware drivers, and patches.

Ccleaner for MAC

Ccleaner Free download virus protection

Ccleaner manually scans individual files, disks, disks, or the entire computer for threats. At the same time, the Security Suite always scans your computer in the background and averts possible attacks. Of course, a firewall is also integrated. The Ccleaner software shines in the current virus protection test of the independent test laboratory AV-Comparatives with a very good recognition rate. To get the recognition rate, the program loads an average of 15 new virus database updates per day. Inside the Ccleaner Internet Security Suite is the multi-award-winning antivirus, which is also available as a single product (Ccleaner AntiVirus). The virus scanner uses a virus database permanently updated via an online update so that new malicious programs can be detected early. The identification of malicious software is not based solely on well-known signatures, but as part of a proactive approach to analyzing behaviors and triggered system activity. Suspicious software that enters this search grid is immediately blocked and rendered harmless. The method thus allows both rapid response to potential threats and the identification of malicious programs that hide deeply in foreign software components.

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Display and administration of the integrated security functions
The Ccleaner specialists also use the principle of swarm intelligence to increase the protection factor for end users in the latest edition of their Internet Security Suite. This aspect is implemented through the integration of cloud protection, which Ccleaner users use to protect each other. The principle is as ingenious as it is simple, because the Ccleaner software recognizes on a user’s computer a hitherto unknown malware, the data are automatically entered into the database and transmitted to the Cloud Protection module. After reviewing the data submitted by Ccleaner Labs ‘IT security specialists, the previously new malware is captured in the database, allowing other users’ software to respond more quickly thanks to dynamic protection. This technology is also reflected in the software components for spam and phishing defense.

Ccleaner Download Anti-Phishing Protection

The anti-phishing protection warns you if you land on a fraudulent site while surfing the internet looking for your data. If a website is detected as fraudulent (eg a wrong PayPal page), the program immediately blocks the website. So that you can safely shop in online shops or nobody can read your PINs and TANs in online banking, use the program with a secure browser connection.

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Ccleaner for android Ransomware has served its purpose

KryptoLocker, also known as ransomware, pose a growing threat on the Internet. The insidious programs usually reach the computer via infected email attachments and do their dirty day work by locking access to the computer and, in the worst case, the entire hard disk encrypt. So that users do not even get into this hostage, who can only be stopped by paying a large amount of money, Ccleaner Internet Security 2020 has ransomware protection. Ransomware protection provides reliable protection against ransomware. Applications added to the exceptions list will not be prevented from modifying your files, even if their behavior indicates. Again, the protection potential of the Cloud Protection attacks. As soon as new ransomware emerges, the most important information about it arrives in the central Ccleaner database within a very short time. The fact that just this aspect is especially valuable is confirmed by the fact that there are already more than 60 modifications of the well-known encryption Trojan alone. As numerous cases from Europe and the US show, the trend in this area continues to grow strongly.

Ccleaner for android

Ccleaner for mobile Firewall: Unobtrusive but efficient

While some firewalls drive PC users mad by constant reports and performance drops, the integrated firewall from the company Ccleaner resists nobly, but works as efficient as it is user-friendly. The core of the intelligent firewall is the access to a signature database, with the help of which currently 700 million operating systems, applications and games can be uniquely identified and treated with regard to their access authorizations. In practice, it boils down to trusted programs getting all the necessary permissions in the background, without disturbing the user with messages in their game or workflow. The risk that inexperienced users grant unintentional releases to malicious programs is thus minimized, especially as suspicious applications cannot be started. Instead, they are rendered harmless immediately by moving to the quarantine area. An innovation compared to the previous version, however, is that the firewall now activates much earlier in the boot process. Even before the security suite itself activated. As is usual in the past, the specialists at Ccleaner Labs allow experienced users to make manual firewall settings and to define their own releases in detail. Each software can also be assigned access rights and prohibitions, as well as explicit permission requests for the execution of accesses.

Ccleaner for mobile

Download Ccleaner vulnerability scan

As the saying goes, “There are no limits to the creativity of politicians in terms of tax legislation.” The same principle can be applied one-to-one to the developers of malicious software, as they are constantly searching for ever new loopholes with their Help them penetrate systems and cause maximum damage. Even inconspicuous security holes are wide-open impact gates that close the newly developed vulnerability scanner Ccleaner Internet Security. For this purpose, automatic exploit protection checks the installed programs and components for their relevance and the existence of security gaps. The Vulnerability Scanner not only alerts the user to out-of-date software or missing updates, but also automatically suspends major security vulnerabilities by completely blocking applications until the gap is closed.

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Ccleaner for windows Safepay: Secure payment transactions

The decline in regional bank branches is manifesting the trend towards increasing online banking. This not only has benefits for users, because cyber criminals have long gone to write always perfidious phishing software that elicit unsuspecting bank customers access and account information. In the worst case, criminals get unrestricted access to all accounts via hacked PINs and TAN numbers. Such espionage attacks, users can help themselves with the help of the protections of the Ccleaner Internet Security Suite. For example, by verifying SSL certificates, the software ensures that it is the genuine website of a bank, payment service, or shopping portal. If the otherwise inconspicuous online banking protection has concerns about the security of a site, the user is warned clearly before visiting the site. In addition, the developers have implemented in the current version the ability to call a website in a protected mode (Ccleaner Safepay). If desired, the page in question is then opened by default in this security mode. A frame held in a discreet green then signals the user that he is in secure mode. If the option “Automatically open Ccleaner Safepay” is activated, domains on the security aspect of online banking is supported by the dual key logger protection, so that criminals are blind to user input. The implementation takes place on the one hand with the help of the shielding of the keyboard against unauthorized access and on the other hand via a virtual screen keyboard. Since this is operated by mouse, the input of key loggers cannot be recorded. TANs, PINs and passwords are so safe.

Ccleaner for windows

Ccleaner Intelligent spam filter

Unlike the real world, where a no-label sticker is an effective way of countering unwanted mail, spam-blocking is a much bigger and growing problem in the digital world. In this respect too, the Internet Security Suite has a user-friendly solution with intelligent spam protection. If the user activates the feature, suspicious mails will be reliably labeled as “unique” or “likely” as spam. In addition, the anti-spam feature can be easily linked to various mail clients. It is particularly convenient for users of Microsoft Outlook, especially since the function can be integrated directly, which sorts out spam emails even more efficiently. Just like the firewall, the spam filter rarely comes to the fore and acts mostly inconspicuously in the background. In the detailed settings, the sensitivity of the filter can be adjusted very precisely to your own needs. As a result, e-mail traffic remains undisturbed, while very few spam mails manage to penetrate the mailbox. Experience has shown that this is only a low single-digit percentage.

Ccleaner Parental lock: Carefree package for parents

Thanks to its comprehensive child protection functions, Ccleaner Internet Security is an all-rounder in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinternet security. At the heart of the feature set is the Parental Control feature, which helps parents prevent their children from stumbling over inappropriate content on the Web. Parents can categorically block websites from twelve subject areas. These include, for example, pornographic or violent online appearances. Parents can go even further in terms of online communication. In order to enable younger children to discover the Internet, but to protect them from potential dangers, it is also possible to monitor activities in social networks such as Facebook. In addition to the logging of visited websites, the scope of functions also includes the release and blocking of contacts. Accordingly, there is full control at all times with whom the offspring is communicating. An automatic keyword filter, however, ensures that a chat protocol is sent to the parents when certain keywords are used in a child’s chat. Another interesting feature is the so-called restriction list, which helps parents prevent their children from giving away too much personal data on the Internet. For example, name, address or mobile phone numbers can be blacklisted so that the software blocks the corresponding strings. The security package for parents is rounded off by controlling general computer use. This applies to the establishment of fixed usage periods and periods as well as the establishment of fixed computer pauses. A few clicks also ensure that a child can only start games that suit their age group.

Ccleaner Protections:

  • Malware protection
  • Anti-Phishing Protection
  • Spam detection
  • Integrated child safety lock
  • Ransomware protection
  • microphone monitoring
  • Easy handling
  • Network security
  • Support via live chat, telephone

The full installation takes about 1.8 gigabytes of space. The price for the antivirus program is 49.95 Euro (1 PC). 59.95 Euro costs the 3-PC version. The Total Security Multi-Device 2017 Ccleaner package (79.95 Euro) protects up to five devices, including three desktop computers or notebooks in the home and two Mac or Android smartphones. You do not have to worry about Internet Security with a few extra features that make working with your computer safer, such as theft protection or file encryption. For all these tasks there is the Ccleaner Total Security.  Many popular Windows programs are not compatible with Mac OS, fortunately also for viruses and other pests. Unfortunately, the number of Mac-OS compatible viruses has increased rapidly in recent years. With Ccleaner Antivirus for Mac software, even Mac OS users can protect their computer from viruses.

Conclusion: Ccleaner is good antivirus solution

The Internet is a fantastic medium that opens up completely new dimensions for home users and businesses in a variety of services (email and web, just to name two of the most popular ones). And the future holds a number of other possibilities. As a result, the Internet is becoming more common in our everyday lives. However, as in real life, there are also some malefactors on the Internet who are victimized in the online world. Ccleaner offers with the Ccleaner Internet Security 2020 good antivirus software. The security package often referred to as the security suite, offers all the programs under a user interface required for computer and Internet security. The program protects you while surfing; writing e-mails and also offers some additional features that significantly increase the security of your computer and especially your sensitive data. Numerous improvements, such as an extended parental control mode, improved web control, as well as the protection of privacy in Web 2.0 applications and a novel identity protection convince of the quality of this product from the house Ccleaner. An extensive and yet user-friendly program that can be easily operated by both inexperienced and experienced users.

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